Jazz Players Philosophy

This artist philosophy is very different from other music artists, this genre is known for having magic music that gets transmitted on the audience with great lyrics that can be sad or happy about life events. Sax players are the most popular ones among the band, the reason for this is that sax is the one that transmits mainly sadness of the song and lets you feel the magic of music through your body and soul.

Jazz history has seen many great jazz players, is not easy to find good jazz players, but maybe near you there's a small band of jazz musicians doing the best jazz music.

Many people believe that jazz players must take something to stay so active and vital, but musicians refer to music as their only medication and all that they need to really feel alive and healthy. They are so vivacious that when people here them they claim it's like getting an energy rush, and going to a jazz club is like visiting best pharmacy to cure any stress.

Improvisation is the key on this great musical style, making it a free style-music; that feature is really attractive to new musicians looking to choose for a musical style as it gives them the opportunity to vent their feelings and let other people know about them through music. Also provides them with a sense freedom and shelter from daily life, where they can be alone doing what they really care and what they really like, their music.

Jazz players keep their groove up and mojo by simply composing a song or playing in front of a live audience. This music is not about selling records or iTunes downloads, it is about being in touch with the live audience that went to see them and just feel the artist philosophy that they irradiate.