The Jam Session

The Kansas City Jazz Scene and can claim themselves as the birthplace of the Jam Session. And how it came to be is an interesting story on its own.

Back in the pinnacle of the 1930s, the prohibition was not a factor in in Kansas City, so it created a very active and important night life, where the different clubs had constant jazz bands playing and for a while KC was one of the country's jazz capital. Hundreds of talented musicians would be there constantly night after night playing in different clubs. This generated a friendly competition environment with the different artists that were there at the time.

Whenever the jazz musicians got together after shows they would take out their instruments and start playing together in a way of sharing their skills with their peers their talent, many would say they did that to show them their skills and try to establish themselves as the best or most talented. This lead to many of the local artists to adopt an exciting and spontaneous style, which was later named the Kansas City Style.

Jam Sessions are now a common practice among jazz musicians and it has moved on to other genres as well. Jazz acquired in the Kansas City Clubs, an freedom that has set it apart from other types of music. Kansas City Jazz Musicians of old times created and gave the music new life and undoubted excitement.