Financing of Construction Materials with FGTS Money


Financing of building materials with FGTS financial resources. The Federal Government has just approved the “Financing of Construction Materials with Cash from the Fund for Guarantee of Time of Service (FGTS)”. The measure will benefit those who build a property, but does not have its own resources to start or finish the work. The line of credit is exclusive for the purchase of construction material, from the basic to the finish, and also cabinets and furniture designed.


Financing of building materials


Financing of building materials


The information was given through the Official Gazette, according to the publication, the financing line for acquisition of materials , could be used for building real estate in metropolitan areas as for real estate in rural areas. The use of the financing is directly aimed at the construction and / or expansion of housing and housing reform, the installation of individual measuring hydrometers and the implementation of solar heating systems also enter the list of items that can be purchased with the credit released .

Amount of assets released

Amount of assets released

Approximately R $ 300 million will be made available for the fiscal year of 2012, the Southeast region will receive the largest share of the resources made available in the financing, 42.5%. For the Northeast of Brazil, it will be 28.2%, the South region will have 11.2% of the cake. The North and Center-West regions will have 9.7 and 8.4% respectively of the funds released to finance materials for the construction of housing.


Who can apply for funding for construction material


Only workers with a FGTS linked account holder may use the financing of materials for the acquisition of building materials , to release the resources will not be imposed any presentation of monthly gross family income, but for the approval will be observed the rules and conditions of the System financial Housing (SFH) and the use of FGTS funds for the purchase of private housing. Read also: Housing Financing SFH or SFI

Who have priority in funding for construction material


According to the publication, financing of construction materials will be a priority the proposals made by families considered low-income, who will benefit residential properties with a lower valuation value. Elderly, disabled or female heads of household will also be considered as a priority.

Note : Unless you are paying for your retirement or construction project with your own money, you will need a loan or loan to remodel or build to pay for all the material and perhaps the labor.

Financing construction material are a bit trickier to achieve than personal loans and conventional mortgage loans because you are borrowing money for a longer term most of the time. They are essentially a special credit line, such as Construcard Card or the retirement card, but with the bank controlling when the money is borrowed and released to the contractor.