KC Jazz Festivals and Events

There are many events and festivals all throughout the year where Kansas City Jazz is featured. As a very important city in the American landscape and being hometown to many jazz greats, is no surprise that year round there is always something jazzy going on.

Let's just name a few of the many events that you can enjoy in Kansas City.

In January, every year, there's the week-long tribute celebration to Dr. martin Luther King. All during that week performances, concerts, educational events and more are held all around the city in celebration of the life of one of the most significant figures in America's civil rights.

In February the Great American Train Show takes place, here thousands of model trains are exhibited at this unique event. Several Jazz Concerts usually take place.

Come March, there is the Kansas City Winter Jazz Festival, bringing warmth to the winter months, this annual festival highlights female jazz performers and incorporates a number of educational events in the mix.

June brings the Juneteenth Celebration, a five day celebration of emancipation that includes a large range of events, including many jazz concerts.

July brings perhaps the most important event of the year, as far as music in concerned, the Blues and Jazz Festival. This wildly popular summer event sees a profusion of regional and national musical artists coming together at Kansas City's biggest open-air concert series.

Also, in August we celebrate the 18th and Vine Heritage Festival, a historical district of 18th and Vine, birth place of the Kansas City jazz scene, it celebrates the city's impressive musical legacy with a full weekend of free performances and street activities. This month also brings the colorful Jazzoo - mid-August, this stylish musical event is held at the Kansas City Zoo and features a delicious dinner and a smooth selection of jazz performances in incomparable surroundings. And last but not least August also has Ethnic Enrichment Festival - mid-August, one of America's biggest and best ethnic festivals, this Kansas City event brings together over 56 diverse cultures showcasing cuisine, crafts and performing arts.

In September Kansas City celebrates Fiesta Hispana - a two-day celebration of Hispanic culture held in central Kansas City and featuring music, dance and art.

In November and December, regular open air jazz concerts are held for the Holiday Season.

As you can see Kansas City Jazz remains vibrant all year long!