About Us, KC Jazz

We are a website dedicated on preserving the rich tradition of Kansas City Jazz. We have as a goal to provide information on regards to the jazz scene in the city, as well what you might need to know about Kansas City Jazz Musicians and live Jazz Clubs that constantly feature the world famous Kansas City Jazz Jam sessions.

This All-American Art form has helped shape the face of the world and was fundamentally key for the better part of the 20th century and Kansas City gave it a special and unique touch during its early years. Many of Jazz Artists were born in Kansas, legendary artists like Charlie Parker and Count Basie, to name a few of the many great jazz luminaries that have graced us with their talent.

We hope to thrive in our efforts to give jazz its rightful place as the All-American art form that it is and provide all you need to know about Kansas City Jazz.

The History behind it is fascinating, its history is filled with colorful characters and stranger than fiction accounts, from tales from the underworld during the prohibition. This all helped shape the Kansas City Jazz Scene, and its exciting spontaneous style.